All the beautiful crazies who’ve contributed to a Manic World.

haw size 96Rob: He is a weird human, doing his best to get by in what he considers to be an even weirder world. He writes over at Humans Are Weird. Oh, and he told me to tell you that you’ll never catch him wearing matching socks.

Slide1Erica: Is the maker and creator of Thought of a Lunatic. She’s nuttier than a bag of nuts. And delightful, in all aspects of the word.

Slide1Sheila Kavanagh: An Irish painter, woman, and writer of various things. All in all, a real arteest. Her work can b found at Skavop’s Art Blog.

Slide1Karen: She works, she writes, she mothers, and she makes people laugh. Except for when she doesn’t. Find her at Wicked Emerald.

Slide1Nik Silva: A kind, charismatic, and passionate wordsmith. His fans wish that he’d blog more often, but strikes of genius cannot be forced. Nik Silva.

Slide1D.T: Is a student of the performing arts, a writer, and an experiencer of depression. He wants to do whatever he can to help people experiencing this malicious form of dis-ease, and so, he will write for a Manic World wherever possible.

Slide1 Goddess of Biscuits: An anonymous overanalyst, (this should be a word) experiencer of ongoing health issues, purveyor of words and thoughts. She dislikes loud noises and likes an early bedtime. Find her at Primordial Soup Tastes Everythingy.

Slide1S.R: A girl from Canada living with Mr. Bi-Polar. She wants to help, to write, and to share. Find her at Ramblings of a Bi Polar Girl.

Slide1Sender: Sender D. MacLean is the third of eight children who has struggled since a very young age with a series of mental disorders and anguishes that has given him only one recourse, to use his pain, our pain, to aid others. His poetry blog can be found at Sender Upwords.


Jennifer Butler Basile: Jennifer is what she supposes you would call a closet depresso. Now a life colored (or grey-scaled) by anxiety and depression is her new normal. And she’s learning to embrace her inner depresso while Chopping Potatoes (that’s Jennifer’s blog, check it out).

  1. ayrewolf

    I can feel this entire blog. The question is still for many, for so many really afflicted the problem is the same as it has been for mental health for 30 plus years. Where to get help?


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